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At WritingConsult.com, you can expect personalized attention and professional results. Together, we can establish a clear-cut plan to take your content from where it is now to where you’d like it to be. 

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First, you’ll email me to request a free consultation. In this email, I ask that you describe your writing project and include a short sample of your writing (if you have one). This is also a good time to include any other information that you think is pertinent for me to know.


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Next, we’ll meet over Skype (or email, if you’d prefer) to talk about your project. During this meeting, we’ll determine the path you’d like to follow to accomplish your goals for the writing project. We’ll discuss which of my services you’d like to use to meet those goals and what you can expect from pricing. Finally, I’ll send you a formal quote, and once we’ve agreed to it, we’ll proceed with our determined plan. 


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Whether you commission me for editing, technical writing, or content writing, you can expect prompt turn around with insightful feedback and clear communication. If at any point, you’re unhappy with your experience, you can cancel the remainder of the project. You pay for the services you receive and none of the ones you don’t. 


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Developmental Editing

Developmental editing examines your writing’s major components and addresses “big picture” concerns that may limit your project’s ability to meet its primary goals.

For fiction writing, you can expect to receive feedback on the development of themes, characters, and setting, or the pacing and organization of the plot.

For academic writing or nonfiction writing, developmental editing may include feedback on your piece’s organization, argument, clarity, and audience.

Want to take your project further? Developmental editing can also include collaborative brainstorming to expand on your ideas.

Line Editing

Line editing provides detailed feedback on stylistic and language concerns at the paragraph and sentence level. If your project has strong organization, but you’re looking to freshen up your prose, this may be the right service for you.

This is where we take a deep dive into how you’re telling your story, rather than what your story is.


I can craft a concise, engaging message for your audience. I’ll consider their user experience needs, the message that you need conveyed, and the best ways in which we can deliver that message with clarity and precision.

Some of my past projects include public health communication infographics, instruction manuals tailored for residential contracting and development, grant writing, and business proposals.

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