About Me

As a writer myself, I know the struggle. The writer’s block. The stagnation. The feeling of having  ideas in your head that can’t seem to make it onto the page. It’s rough. But, that’s why I find this field to be so rewarding. 

Throughout my career, I’ve gravitated toward jobs that support writers and communicators, taking on positions in social media management, content writing, editing, technical writing, and tutoring. Although I was interested in pursuing freelance editing and technical writing full time, I wanted to gain more experience and confidence. So, I hiked up my sleeves and re-enrolled at Kansas State University. There, I tutored in the Writing Center, taught persuasive writing courses, and earned my master’s degree in English and a master’s certificate in technical writing and professional communication. 

While enrolled, I faced some nasty cases of writer’s block, but luckily, I found help in the company of others. Talking through my work with a friendly face and getting the help that I needed made even the most overwhelming of writing projects into something that I felt able to conquer. It inspired me to dig deeper into how writing works.

So, I did.

I researched the secrets to how writing happens. I wanted to know how creators, editors, and communities can work together to make a piece of writing stronger.

I focused my research on how this networking can unfold online, and I found something magical: the mark of a successful, 21st century writer is a writing network with connections that branch toward others who provide encouragement and honest feedback.

My goal? I want to be one of those connections for you. Here, you can find honest input from a qualified professional.  Together, we can make your writing thrive.  

We consider writing to be a solitary practice, as though great writers are lonely geniuses, banging away at their typewriters indoors.

This is not the case.

Consulting with others produces writing that is clear, targeted to the correct audience, and more engaging than it would have been if written and produced alone. 

Together, we can do this.

Currently, I live in Kansas with my husband
and our two fur-babies, Nala and Kit. 



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Master of Arts in English— Composition & Rhetoric 

Kansas State University

Master’s Certificate in Technical Communication & Professional Writing

Kansas State University